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Latest News from Cobra Scotland
29/01/24 The next Grading dates will be posted next week 
well done to Jamie on bringing home the WKC Scottish title.  
10/05/23 The Next club Grading will be on the 24th  of May for the Tiny Cobras starting at 6 pm. On the 28th of May will be the grading for everyone else
10/05/23 Due to work and not having time to update the club website we are only going to update the site once a Month at the moment.
17/12/21 Awards night pictures are loaded up to the site. it was a great night roll on next year.
17/12/21 - most of the year has been missed due to COVID-19, but the club is still running well, kids missed out on their grades. but we got two gradings done in a year. we have a new black belt Candice McLelland well done. and well done to all the kids that passed their belts from white to blue /white.  
03/11/20 - Grading will be on the following date: 29/11/2020 so if you want to do the grading please pick a form up at the club.
01/02/2020 - JAMIE became the New WRSA 67kg World Champion well done Jamie 
01/01/2020 - Welcome back to full-time classes.
20/12/19 - the club will shut on Sundays until after the x mas holidays 
10/12/19 - Club X mas night out is on the 17th Dec at the Airdrie Tin pin bowling, all Students are welcome also mums & Dads are welcome. Start time 7:30 pm.   
10/12/19 - The Club will be holding a Grading on Sunday the 15th Dec.
06/01/19 - The Cobra classes will still run as normal.
02/01/19 - The Dojo is now more, we handed over the Dojo, and it is now called the Airdrie Martial Arts Center.
16/12/18 - Jamie McLelland V Andy McKenzie 68kg UBBF European Title, Jamie won the  European title
25/03/18 - thanks to billy hanley for repairing the wall in the Dojo.  
5/03/18 - New kids Class started in the Airdire dojo on a Monday & wednesday from 6 pm to 6:45 pm for kids from 4 years and up to 10 years 
18/02/18 - Jamie fighting in France 
11/02/18 - New heating system install into the Airdrie Dojo and big thanks go out to JP Fitzgerald and his team for their hard work getting it done in the one day 
31/12/17 - The club will be open for Training on the 3rd of Jan 2018.
31/12/17 - Cobra Would like to thank all members and familys for their support over the year and cobra would like to wish every one a happy new year and we will see you all in 2018
27/08/17 - Club Phone number back up and running as of today.
27/08/17 - This is the date for the next grading 
16/08/17 - Tthe club would like to thank students and parents that turned out to say farewell to our Del he will be missed by all in our club rest in peace. 
20/04/17 - Can all Student please asked their parents to fill out all the new Membership forms all need to be done before the End of May. 
21/02/17 - We have added our CCTV policy to our website, Parent or student can see our CCTV Monitor when in our club and we don't hide the fact we have CCTV  in our club.
01/09/16 -We have had a few that has stepped in to the ring to fight for the club as you can see it is not easy, as you need to be fit and come to training mosts day. so keep up the good work.
20/02/16 - Jamie won the WKA 5 Nations title belt in Perth on Saturday night. Well done Jamie  
20/02/16 - Would like to thank Joanne & Johnno for their hard work at the fun day in Livingston.
12/02/16 - Jamie is fighting on the 27th of Feb in Wishaw on Bobby Collins' show. He will be fighting a lad from Manchester.
04/02/16 - Cobra Martial Arts Organisation is now up and running.
25/01/16 - our next grading with be on the 7th of February at the Airdrie Dojo. Start time will be 11pm so need to be there at 10:30-10:40 
27/09/15 - Well done to all who graded today and our new black belt.
26/09/15 - Jamie and Andy have fights tonight. Good luck to them both.
The grading starts sharp at 11am tomorrow. Try arrive 30mins before to prepare.
21/09/15 - We are holding an Open day on Saturday the 7th of November. Anyone who is interested in seeing the club and talking to instructors is invited to attend.
12/09/15 - The next grading is Sunday 27th September at Airdrie Dojo.
11/09/15 - Jamie and Marius have fights tonight. Good luck to them both.
29/06/15 - School Holidays. The Airdrie dojo does not shut during holiday season. Livingston classes will be off for 2 weeks as the centre is closed. Remember club members can attend all classes. So Livingston members can come to Airdrie to maintain fitness.
15/07/15 - If you haven't been to the Airdrie dojo for a while why not pop in and see the changes.
08/07/15: The full length wall mirrors are now up in Airdrie dojo. Thanks to all who helped. These will be great for seeing your own movements. Also great for Instructors to see who is skivving behind their backs. DO NOT TOUCH THEM. In other words PAWS OFF!
06/07/15 - The new SHOKK Cross trainer has arrived in Airdrie dojo. This is good CV equipment to go along with our treadmill. This apparatus is great for stamina building and when recovering from injury when class is too much. We hope to get more equipment soon. Please ask Instructors for how to use properly.
01/07/15: The punch bags are now hanging around the dojo walls. Great to have them back whilst we renovated. Thanks to all who helped.
10/05/15: The boxing ring has been moved giving us much larger gym hall space. Thanks to all club members who gave up their time over weekend to help. One downside is the weight runs are going to be a lot longer.
01/05/15 - We will shortly be starting a renovation of the Airdrie dojo. Classes will not be affected but there may be times when some areas are out of commision. Club member assistance will be appreciated where possible.
05/04/15: The date of the next Grading will be the 26th April in the Airdrie Dojo starting at 11am.
09/01/15: The date of the next Grading will be the 25th January in the Airdrie Dojo starting at 11am.
09/01/15: The Livingston Dojo will reopen on the 13th Jan.
04/12/14: Guys remember the NEW Drink Drive Law goes live tomorrow so don't drink and drive one glass is to many Be safe.
04/12/14: suits will be next week.
05/11/14: all suits have been ordered i will give a date later this week on when the suits well be here.
05/11/14: on the 6/11/14 the Airdrei club will not be open due to the fire works display.
05/11/14: The club well be putting up a new website this is why the new page has not been up dated.
06/08/13: The grading will be held down in the airdrie Dojo on the 25th Aug 2013
26/06/13: Student of the Month is Areeba Asim well done 
10/06/13: James is now the Now the WRSA World Amateur Champion well done Jamie

07/06/13: new donations page add to the website.
10/05/13: Fee's & Direct Debit

Please Note that your club Fee's is your responsibility also your Direct Debit not the Clubs. So the club will not call up to cancel your Direct Debit as above it is your responsibility to do so.

please read as taken for the DD form:

if i wish to cancel the membership.I must give 30 days written Notice and make payment equal to one month's fee.

01/05/13: The Dave Lea stunt seminar £40 pp
04/05/13 Grading Day starts at 11 am

08/04/13 jamie is fighting for the kickback title on the 11th may i have tickets for sale if you want one give me a call:

08/04/13 well done to Andy on the K1 Show at the weekend, he lost on points, but put on a good show

03/03/13: Just to let every on know the next grading will be on May 5th 2013 at the Airdrie Dojo

9/03/13: jamie won the WRSA celtic Title

03/03/13: Jamie & Andy are both fighting for WRSA titles on the march 9th in Glasgow.

16/02/13: Jamie retain is title and Andy got beat on points, well done to both fighters

30/01/13: Grading will be at Airdrie Dojo on the 3rd of feb. Times 11 am till 4 pm

18/01/13:  Website updated to HTML5; you can now view our website on all mobiles now
19/01/13:  Tickets are now on sale for Jamie's British Title fight on Feb 16 - please see lynsey for tickets. They are only £20 so please help support your club.
20/01/13: There will be a new class starting in February, on a Sunday, from 1 pm till 2.30 pm - it will be a self defence class.

23/01/13: The club has its own online shop now so there is no need to order uniforms or kit in the club from now on as all will be done online. You can also pay your club membership online as well.











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